The digital era is here. Live streaming and online post-event debate is becoming more sophisticated and readily available. Why race to catch the train or worry about missing your flight connection when you could sit in the office and view the same conference on your computer? Save yourself the hassle.

But of course, there is much more to it than that.

The need to attend a conference is as strong as ever despite all the financial challenges that are currently in place and the scrutiny that healthcare professionals are under, but why is this so? Why is it so important that 11,000 healthcare professionals are prepared to travel from around the globe to attend a conference in San Diego? The answer is clear.

There is a need for that conference. There is a need to bring all those physicians together for a limited period of time to garner knowledge and information, to exchange ideas. To make new acquaintances. To build life-long working relationships. To put a face to a name. To discuss your own or someone else’s ideas. And, of course, to be educated.

For sponsors of course, the answers again are plentiful and similar. Meeting new customers, key opinion leaders, the future generation. Exchanging of ideas, demonstrating your products. Forging new contacts.

There are many reasons for holding a conference and there is no doubt that you cannot replace the experience of real life conference attendance, on your computer screen.

With the changes that have evolved in the workplace over the past few years, organisers of events must recognise the changing needs of their delegates and sponsors and adapt accordingly. Balance does need to be introduced and working alongside digital providers to provide choice for the delegate as well as ensuring a financially satisfactory and accessible event must now be high on the organiser’s list of considerations when embarking on a new project.

Millbrook Conferences and Events recognise the need for organic growth and are committed to being part of the new era of conferencing but most importantly, Millbrook embraces change and the new challenges it brings. We will deliver the highest quality conference experience and will work to your bespoke requirements, get in touch to find out more about how we can bring your ideas to life.

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